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Reviews for 'Say My Name!' at Theatre N16 Oct 14th - Nov 2nd

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Say My Name unauthorised no backgorund.p
Say My Name - The Unauthorised 'Breaking Bad' Parody Musical Trailer!
Trailer #2
About the show

About the Show

Say My Name! - The Unauthorised 'Breaking Bad' Parody Musical had its first run from October 14th - November 2nd at Theatre N16 in London, receiving rave reviews from press and our audiences (including both Breaking Bad veterans and newbies!)

The production featured 6 actor-musicians who, against the backdrop of an old industrial warehouse, condensed the epic story of Breaking Bad into a one act musical comedy. The show contains a vast array of musical styles and theatrical tropes to speed through 62 hours of television in under 2 hours; and to keep the audience laughing all the way!

On 2nd November we released our cast album on all major platforms. Check it out here:


I am hoping to then take the show further - there are so many potential avenues to explore... Edinburgh Fringe, a run of shows in a more central London location, a small/mid-scale tour. I am currently looking to collaborate with a producer who would be interested in working on this exciting project!  If you think you might want to break bad with me, please do get in contact.


Rob Gathercole


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